Ahlulbayt Scouting Association:

2nd London Baden Powell Scouting Association (Ahlul-Bayt Scouting Association) Al-Mahdi group is an Islamic scouting group for boys and girls aged 5 to 19 years. From fun activities, to educational lessons, to developing social skills, we have it covered. Ahlul-Bayt Scouting Association is based on the principles of Islam and the Scout Movement, and serves as an extension of the traditional scouting movement. They focus on the personal development of young people, promoting values such as honesty, loyalty, and respect for others. Activities typically include camping, hiking, community service, and leadership training, while placing an emphasis on religious education, teaching members about the beliefs and practices of Islam. The Al-Mahdi Scouts have already gotten involved into our Centre community. You may have noticed some of our previous programs that occurred, both before and during the Pandemic, such as  Eid Al-Fitr Program, Scouts Open House and Off-site camping at Fanshawe Conservation Area. 


Our goal: 

The goal of this association is to give children and youth in our community the opportunity to engage in positive activities that will foster useful traits in our scouts, such as responsibility, dedication, discipline, and respect. We aim to promote good citizenship and wholesome mental and physical development by training our scouts in useful life skills that they can apply in all aspects of their futures, such as self-reliance, discipline, team work, leadership, and cooperation.


Our Divisions:

Following the Braden-Powell model, each Scout is placed in a troop according to their age. This ensures that each Scout is surrounded by children their age and that programs and activities are appropriate to them


Otter - ages 5 -10 

Important values: 

communication , teamwork compromise 


Timber wolves - ages 9 - 11

Important values:

organization, discipline, respect, confidence, physical activity, sportsmanship.

Scouting aspect: scouting laws and rules, the group hierarchy, symbols (flags and uniforms), badges they can earn, more complex scouting chants.


Explorers - ages 12 - 15

Important values: creativity, independence, morals, maturity.

Scouting aspect:

backpacking, learning to build a tent, canoeing, swimming, use of a pocket knife, camping, knots.


Senior explorers - ages 16 - 18

Important values: leadership, behaving as a role model, facing challenges.

Scouting aspect: using maps, compasses, hunting knives, axes, learning advanced survival skills.


Badges and Uniforms:

Uniforms are one of the most fun, and essential, parts of scouting. The Scouting program uses uniforms as part of its aim to promote creativity and inclusivity. The uniform fosters a sense of belonging, encourages self-discipline and responsibility. It gives Scouts a sense of pride of belonging to a worldwide movement, and something to look forward to as they collect their badges. Al-Mahdi Scouts also uses a badge system as a way for Scouts to progress through the programs, and to keep track (and show off!) their achievements. Certain activities have proficiencies, and as Scouts meet these goals, they are given a badge to be added to their uniforms.