The Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre was established in London, Ontario in 1993 under the name Al Mehdi Al Muntathar. This was in response to the basic demands of the community for an Islamic center that would fulfill the needs of the Muslim community as a whole, and in particular the needs of the Muslim children. These children, born and raised in the Western environment, required more attention as they faced various pressures, both social and psychological, which caused them to divert from the teachings of Islam and its sacred values. 

        The Shia Community first started hosting their Islamic functions and events at their homes; However, it was not sufficient, to fulfill all the needs of such a growing community. As a result, in 1993, and with the guidance of Shaikh Majeed Al-Saimari, the community established an official organization under the name of “Almehdi Almuntathar Union” and rented a place that was to serve the community’s needs and where the latter could organize its various activities. And after many years of work and dedication, the Union made the purchase of a half acre property in South London to be used as the site of the new Mosque and Husseineya. The construction of the new Centre began in mid-November 2005 with the vision of a long term project to establish an Islamic community center that has also a school, a library, a learning centre and authentic center for promoting Islam. Alhamdulillah, construction was completed and the Centre was operational in November 2006. The new Centre is named Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre.

        The centre currently serves as a place of worship, social gathering, promoting the teaching and values of Islam according to the Ahlul Bayt School of thought, as well as increasing the awareness of Islam for the non-Muslims.

The aims and objectives of the Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre are as follows:

• To promote the teaching of Islam according to the JA’FFARI SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. 
• To safeguard and further the religious, moral, social and educational interests of the members and their families. 
• To create, cultivate and maintain harmony and understanding between the members of the community, and between other communities of different religion, race and creed. 
• To be constructive members of Canadian society. 
• To play a role in alleviating poverty, illiteracy and other social problems. 

The Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre (Registered as Al Mehdi Al Muntathar) is a charitable, non-profit organization and its activities are carried out without material gain for its members and all accession shall be used in promoting its aims and objectives