Alamdhi Islamic youth group and events are organized gatherings for young Shia Muslims to come together and learn about their faith, connect with other members of their community, and engage in activities that promote personal growth and development. Our events take place at the Al-Mahdi islamic center, community centers, or other venues, and can range from informal meet-ups to structured programs. The group focuses on themes such as religious education, leadership development, community service, and cultural appreciation. Al Mahdi - Islamic youth groups, events also provide opportunities for young Muslims to connect with their peers and form friendships, as well as to engage with older members of their community and learn from their experiences. Some events may include Islamic education classes, Quranic studies, youth camps, youth retreats, and youth conferences. The youth group provides an opportunity for young Muslims to learn and grow in an Islamic environment, and to develop their sense of identity and belonging within their faith community.